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Kdo je pravi geek?

15. September 2005 Poslano v Vse

The True Geek Test je zanimiv in zabaven test, ki ga mora rešiti vsak pravi geek wannabe (Vrta dvakrat:)
Zdi se mi precej relevanten, seveda le, če odgovarjaš as-is. Včasih sem natanćno vedel, kateri odgovor bi ustrezal pravemu tr00 geeku, a odgovoril drugače, zaradi česar sem postal Deviant Geek (77 %). Kaj to pomeni? You’re a geek and you know it. You’ve got all sorts of fringe hobbies and socially unacceptable tendencies. Chances are, whenever possible, you hate to be grouped with other people and sometimes go out of your way just to be different.
You’re smart too. You’re more willing to depend on your own brainpower to solve problems, instead of relying on others to pull you through life. You probably read a lot, and generally enjoy learning new things.
So what’s it all mean? You may be considered by some to be uncool, but you probably don’t care either. In social situations you may be either slightly passive or slightly loud (geeks always fall into the extremes). In a nutshell, you answered enough questions correctly supporting a geek philosophy to be considered a more potent geek than 60% of the population.

Pogrešal sem kakšno vprašanje iz poznavanja leetspeaka. Nisem imel pojma pri vprašanjih o igrah (vseeno pa sem vedel, kdo je naredil Pacmana, heh), najlažji pa je bil del o računalnikih, ki je bil pač piece of cake.

And how geeky are you?

2 Responses to “Kdo je pravi geek?”

  1. Vrta pravi:

    The Deviant Geek
    You answered 80% of the questions as a geek truly would.

    My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
    You scored higher than 76% on geekness

    … gettin’ there. ;)

  2. Stewie pravi:

    No zame pa tole prav!

    In a nutshell, you answered enough questions with geek tendencies and enough questions without geek tendencies that it’s difficult to pinpoint your exact alignment.

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